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Watch sex drugs and democracy online

Until government worship ends, and succession is more prevalent, society will continue to face collapse thanks to the failures of government and those who seek to make it bigger. Author: Mac Slavo Views: Read by 12,443 people Date: July 2nd, 2017 Website:

Learn about other new worlds at and watch the video celebrating World Space Week 2017 on Share America.HIPC is the institutions' most important fig-leaf, a program designed to obscure the view of the harm they are doing to poor countries.2002/02/14 The UN's "Global Compact" with global corporations associates with notorious violators of UN values -- Global Compact companies have already violated the Principles of the Compact, without censure -- or even acknowledgement -- from UN officials.It has taken centuries for people to learn about their environments and to name the complex ecological relationships that are decisive for maintenance of biodiversity.When indigenous peoples lose their languages, much of this knowledge also disappears.

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