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White power dating

As the name says it all, the SRT feature is used to reduce the mineral deposits/scale inside the unit, therefore keeping the performance and efficiency as designed, while reducing the risk of premature failure and shorter unit life.The manufacturer of Bradford White water heaters carries a great number of models for home use.The group of gas-powered Bradford White water heaters utilizes both natural and propane gas and is very extensive; it contains models for every home, small and large, either as the retrofit or as the new installation.Gas-powered tank-type water heaters are split into several groups based on the venting option installation: Best models from Bradford white gas water heaters are those that include the above advanced features, provide more flexibility, are designed to save on gas - known as high efficiency / Energy Star, and operate with the reduced gas emission - known as Low or Ultra-Low NOx water heaters.

High reputation of the Bradford White brand is the result of the great product quality, innovative design, advanced features, good service network, availability of the replacement parts and rapid repairs.

For water heaters that are designed for high input applications, Hydrojet2 is used, and it has very similar characteristics as the above Hydrojet feature.

Scale Reduction Technology (SRT) is a feature that is built in Bradford White tankless water heaters from Infinity series.

Check out the types and see which of the several available tankless models are equipped with the best features such as SRT technology, ultra Low NOx gas burner, advanced electronics and more.

The electric group of Bradford White water heaters is not as wide as the gas group, but there are still many models to choose from; from the economy to high quality and from small instantaneous and wall-hung to the upright high capacity models.

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Water heaters with this feature provide better efficiency while generating very low NOx emissions.

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