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This is what women should do, support each other."Daisy also revealed that it was Louise's "selfless" nurturing that prompted her to start up her new podcast, adding: "I would never in a million years have the confidence to set up my own business, my own company, my own podcast, if it wasn't for the incredible nurture of one of my best friends."We're like each other's cheerleaders.

They bonded while they were both on Strictly Come Dancing 2016, and have stayed close over the past year.

The former Eternal singer has credited Daisy for making her feel sexy again and boosting her self-esteem, while Daisy has thanked Louise for giving her the confidence to set up her own business. She loves her new life.“Daisy is a lot younger and has no family responsibilities to think about.“In Daisy, Louise seems to have found a new fun and carefree attitude.”Daisy has had a string of failed relationships with men in the past.“Louise didn’t look as though she had a care in the world!“With Jamie, her life had to revolve around his football schedule and it was always about him.“Now it’s like she’s thrown away the rule book, she can do what she wants!

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The sexy model said in a 2011 interview: “I think women are really hot.

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