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Woohoo dating

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Li says the app aims to "show that you don't need to have a low BMI [body mass index] to be attractive" and by attracting users who are signing up because they already love curvy women, that sounds highly likely, not to mention overdue.

Free online found some blogs that dating site advice and.Or, perhaps you message 3 special someones and never hear back from any of them.What if these profiles are fake but you think they have been created by real people?If you've been looking for a new, Tinder-style app where you can meet guys who love curvy women, Woo Plus is here for you, girl.The Daily Dot reports the app started when co-founders Neil Raman and Michelle Li were talking with some friends about a video they'd seen where men were set up with a woman they thought was thinner than she was, in an effort to shame the woman because of her size.

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Li says she and her friends found the video odd because they knew men who specifically wanted to date larger women.

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