Yoked dating site

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Yoked dating site

The largest number of caves is on Bhimbetka Hill - 243 caves and Lakha Juar - 178 caves.

In a wider area around Bhimbetka there are known more than 1,700 rock shelters.

In spite of the unique values of Bhimbetka this site is not that popular among tourists yet. Vishnu Wakankar noticed very impressive landscape from the window of train south from Obaidullaganj.

There were visible giant rocks and boulders and dark entrances in caves.

These petroglyphs were covered by deposits from the Acheulian period and later periods.

Research shows that Bhimbetka caves could be the oldest exhibit of human life in India - possibly people were living here more than 700,000 years ago.

Wider archeological excavations in caves started in 1971 and during the research there was discovered that caves contain well-stratified sequences of Lower Paleolithic period with stone tools.

General people did not attach much importance to these small caves - after all India is full with amazing monuments. Wakankar had seen similar landscape in Italy and France and supposed that this looks like a suitable place where to look for artefacts left by ancient people. Wakankar and his students copied the drawings accurately and presented them in international conferences in France and United States.

The real value of this discovery though was realised later, in the 1970s when more scientists visited Bhimbetka.

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