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Instead, it had Vainglory/Deceitful Boasting as the eighth, separate from Pride.

The three worst sins are Wrath (3rd), Envy (2nd) and Pride (1st) Remember them with the handy acronym WASPLEG!

, which can be arranged to form another handy acronym: SALIGIA (roughly, "salt"). For the good counterpart, see the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

This is why the color yellow is associated with cowardice in many cultures, as it insinuates that the person the insult is directed toward would piss themselves if confronted with a situation that required a level of courage.This is when somebody's response to a scare is to piss or crap their pants, though this may not always be shown.The reasons for using this trope vary, including robbing a particular character of his or her dignity, as a joke on the extent of their cowardice, or occasionally in an attempt to show just how frightening something is.You often hear people talking about "succumbing to the eighth deadly sin" in old Russian novels as a result.(Catholicism, for the record, folds Despair into Sloth, on the grounds that someone who has given in to despair is no longer working to improve their situation and has instead decided to "let nature take its course.") Technically, in its original form when created by Evagrius Ponticus, there role somewhat explaining why Lust is often embodied by beautiful women).

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Vomit in television often has a surprising knack for avoiding the camera, usually from either actors running off-screen to be sick, the scene cutting away to something else spewing (like a burst pipe), or the character just dropping off camera when they double over. Often done as a way of Getting Crap Past the Radar, although ironically The Hays Code that was in effect for Hollywood movies between 19 made no mention of vomiting or any other bodily functions.

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